BNA SF 6 Circuit Breaker

12-24-36 kV.

BGK type SF6 circuit breakers guarantees high level of safety and reliability due to applied SF6 arc quenching technic and BATEL’s experince in medium and high voltage switchgear production more than 35 years.

By these means BGK circuit breakers provide high level continuity and availability for the electricity distribution systems.These specifications also obtain longer operational endurance and less maintenance.3 seperate poles have epoxy resin insulated enclosure which are filled with SF6 gas and this sealed pressure system guaranteed for its life.

The safety of the gas filled pole enclosure is secured by the membrane system on the bottom cap.

Operating mechanism can be charged manually by lever or by motor.Charged mechanism has stored energy for closing and opening.Closing and opening functions can be done by the push-buttons or by the release coils.

BGK circuit breakers have both frontal mechanism and lateral mechanism versions.

Circuit breaker poles can be optionally equipped with pressure switch or pressure indicator for alarm and low pressure conditions. For OPEN/CLOSED positions 4 NO + 4 NC or 6 NO+6 NC auxiliary contacts can be selected optionally.